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Natural, nonsurgical treatment for your knee pain.

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Knee Pain: Viscosupplementation

SUPARTZ® Therapy Relieves Knee and Joint Pains

Experience immediate knee pain relief with SUPARTZ® therapy, an innovative treatment for knee pain and osteoarthritis that can be done quickly and easily during an office visit. You will experience up to six months of relief from joint pain without the expense and hassle of invasive surgery or prescription medications. SUPARTZ® therapy can help relieve your knee pain, improve your mobility, and get you back to your normal activities.

“Core Medical Center really helped me eliminate lower back pain and severe knee pain. The employees at Core Medical always were welcoming and really motivating.  The rehab team worked very hard to ensure I was not in pain and getting the attention I needed during each stretch and exercise. I truly enjoyed each visit to Core Medical and I am really sad to leave.” — Alicia S.

 How does it work for pain management?

Hyaluronan is a substance that supplements the synovial fluid and provides adequate lubrication for your knee joint. Virtually identical to your naturally occurring synovial fluid, it promotes healing, increases joint space to reduce friction and aids in stability.

So, when Dr. Aston injects a high-quality formulation of hyaluronan—purified sodium hyaluronate—into your knee joint, the hyaluronan provides additional lubrication and cushioning to your joint, which helps your tissues repair themselves.

What can I expect?

  • Our medical staff will conduct a thorough examination and collect information to determine the precise location and extent of your joint injury. We do this through radiographic imaging.
  • SUPARTZ®/Viscosupplementation injections are performed in our office in about 5 minutes.
  • You will lie down with your knee either straight or bent so that the doctor can access the joint.
  • We will clean your skin with a disinfectant solution to prevent infection, and you will be asked to relax your muscles.
  • Then we use an Ultrasound to guide the needle ensuring the injection hits the desired joint space.
  • Following the injection, you’ll be asked to move the joint to distribute the new fluid. You may need to refrain from strenuous activity for a  24 to 48 hours.
  • Additional injections occur weekly for 5 weeks per treated knee.
  • A custom knee brace may be fitted to correct joint displacement caused by the improperly functioning joint.  
  • We may supplement SUPARTZ® therapy with Physiotherapy and other modes of treatment. Patients who combine SUPARTZ® with Physiotherapy get better faster and their relief lasts longer. You can receive all treatments in one location with members of our medical team, who are familiar with your specific case and who collaborate with one another to provide the most comprehensive care available.

At Core Medical Center, we practice physical medicine, so we can treat you holistically to restore your health. Our trained medical professionals work to diagnose your health problems and solve them naturally. We’ll follow up with continued care to strengthen and rehabilitate your muscles and tissues as they heal.


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