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Core medical center is now accepting Federal Workers Compensation Patients.

"Our Goal is to help injured federal workers reclaim their health after an injury on the job. We proudly serve the Kansas City and the metro area with our eastern Jackson county location located in Blue Springs Missouri."

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Comprehensive Care: Why Would You Need to Go Anywhere Else?

One the advantages of being a multi-specialty office with several provider types is that we can take patients at the initial injury stage and manage their treatment all the wat through until they can be safely released back to the workforce. Core Medical Center is credentialed with the U.S Department of labor is the areas of Medical Care, Physical Therapy, Durable Medical Equipment and Chiropractic care. Our office focuses on restoring our injured federal workers back to their former selves using the most comprehensive and least invasive methods. From initial exams, X-ray, Diagnostic Ultrasound, Physical Therapy, specialized bracing, chiropractic, and interventional orthopedic care. We are a one stop shop that can handle your treatment begin to end.

A Multiple-Specialty Approach That Ensures Communication Across Specialties

We treat each of our injured workers with a multi-specialty touch. This allows our patients to receive care from several specialist who are actively communicating daily about the patients plan of care. So they can determine the next step to help them regain their life. We know that on the job injuries can take a toll on a patients mental and physical well-being and add extra stress from potential loss of wages. It is our goal to make sure that we get them back to the maximum level of medical improvement before returning them back to work. We know that several of these patients have other people they work with who rely on them to be in touch shape.

Because Sometimes It’s A Matter of Life and Death

Positions like fire fighters who face life and death situations when in active service. Not only does a premature release from care effect their safety but it effects the lives of their co-workers and the people who depend on them for rescue. We take each injured worker’s care that serious because we know that if they are not fully healed that they could harm themselves or others.

The Process of Authorization

Documentation and timely authorizations are vital in the process of treating a Federally injured worker. We have a team that works around the clock to ensure care that is needed is approved and paperwork for employers and for various agencies is received in a timely manner. So, care is not interrupted, and wages are not suspended. The last thing an injured worker should need to worry about is whether they will be compensated during their injury, if specific documentation and authorizations are not completed.

Things you will want to have on hand when you make the appointment or when you arrive.

  1. Your Case number (if you have received authorization)
    1. If not, we can help you with this and contact your employer
  2. Any paperwork that needs to be filled out and signed
  3. Photo I.D

(the sooner you can give us this information the faster we can start going to work for you. Authorizations can take 1-2 days and verifying you are in the system properly is vital. So, any info we can get before your appointment the better. We are here to support you on your recovery.)

A Long History with a Long Track Record of Success

At Core Medical Center we have been serving our community in Jackson County Missouri for over 40 years and we take the care of our patients very seriously. That is why we make it our commitment to know the “ins and outs” of the Department of Labor’s Federal Workers Compensation program. Knowing this process ensures our patients get the care they need and are not burdened with the concerns that occur when working with a facility that has not done their due diligence.

Let Us Get You Back to Work, the Right Way!

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