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Good Posture: You know you need it, but do you know why it's so important?

Many of us spend all day sitting behind a desk staring at a screen. Often we are holding our bodies in misaligned, tense positions that can not only affect our necks and backs, but also our overall health.
Posture Screening

Did you know that sitting or standing with improper alignment could result in one or more of the following?

  • Your chest muscles can tighten inward causing your shoulders to roll forward and your neck to extend over your chest. When these muscles begin to fatigue, they do not function properly and you experience neck, shoulder, and/or back pain.
  • Your neck muscles can tighten and cause pain.
  • Your hip flexors can tighten causing lower back pain.
  • Your circulation can decrease due to reduced blood flow.
  • The arches in your feet may weaken, thereby causing over pronation, which can lead to other musculoskeletal issues including plantar fasciitis and accelerated osteoarthritis in the knees.
  • Your intestines (viscera) can compress into a smaller space and become less efficient.

All of these issues can cause a chain reaction of other events in your body causing it to function improperly.

  • Screening At Core Medical Center in Blue Springs, MO our experienced and highly trained medical professionals will assess your posture through a brief but thorough screening.
  • Develop Individual Treatment Plan Once we have identified you body’s biomechanical alignment issues, we will develop a treatment plan to help you develop proper alignment and strengthen the muscles causing your pain. This will help stop the degeneration process, which if left untreated will lead to permanent arthritic damage.
  • Employ Multiple Modalities Your treatment plan may include multiple methods of treatment, including medical massage, joint and trigger point injections, chiropractic care, and specially chosen stretches and exercises that you will perform under the guidance and assistance of our rehab technicians.
  • Work Toward Overall Wellness Problems with one set of muscles usually lead to issues elsewhere in the body. By resolving your posture problems, we often help resolve a series of related biomechanical issues in your muscles and tissues. By following your treatment program, you will experience pain relief and enjoy increased health and a more functional range of motion.

We believe that identifying pain is only one small step along the road toward healing. Thus, we have adopted a treatment philosophy that prioritizes finding and address the underlying causes of your injury. In working with you to improve your posture, our medical and professional staff will do more than mask your pain and symptoms with a prescription or surgical solution. We will look at your whole being and work to determine areas where function has been lost or compromised because often, pain in one region is a result of your body compensating for improper functioning in another part. Using the physical medicine approach, we will solve your health problems naturally and efficiently, guiding you back to whole health. We will help you REGAIN YOUR LIFE!