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Lab Testing

Lab Testing in Kansas City and Blue Springs
Lab Testing

Core Medical Center offers a wide array of services, including an extensive array of diagnostic lab testing services. In addition our Core services we also offer paternity testing, and drug testing.  Just come in to our location and let us know what test you would like us to perform. Our staff is well-trained and certified in blood draws, UAs, and all regulatory lab procedures, providing our patients with the best care possible.

Patients can expect a call from us with the correct lab results within a few days. We assure you that your visit with us will be quick, and most of all, convenient. We try our absolute best to provide quick and easy lab testing to give you a hassle free and  affordable experience.

Currently, insurance carriers do not cover our lab services, but this is why our tests are so competitively priced. At Core Medical Center, we feel we offer extremely reasonable rates and you have the peace of mind of knowing you are in experienced, professional hands.

We provide lab testing for:

  • Paternity Testing
  • Drug Testing
  • Blood work (through insurance only after a thorough medical exam.)

Residents within the Kansas City area can come to Core Medical Center for affordable and convenient DNA and Paternity Testing. We have an exclusive partnership with 3rd party companies like LabCorp, PTC, and Chromosomal Labs DNA Identification Testing Division, providing the most accurate and advanced services to our patients. The accuracy we, along with these partners, bring to our customers is unmatched in our area. All of our test are court admissible.

We provide enhanced DNA and paternity testing services including:

  • non-invasive sample collections that exclude more than 99.999% of non-fathers
  • structured DNA specimen operations and transport for timeliness and security
  • DNA and Paternity Testing results will be available 1-2 weeks after the specimens are received at the lab, with rush options available.

At Core Medical Center, we are committed to high-standard, high-quality DNA and Paternity Testing within the Kansas City area, providing 100% legal DNA services with results valid in all courts of law. The prices of our paternity tests start as low as $350, with availability for price matching.

The DNA and Paternity Tests that we offer at Core Medical Center include:

  • Mother/Father/Child – $350 (add $100 per additional person)
  • Father/Child – $350 (add $100 per additional person)
  • Mother/2 Grandparents/Child – $644 (add $100 per additional person)
  • Mother/1 Grandparent/Child – $530 (add $100 per additional person)
  • 2 Grandparents/Child – $530 (add $100 per additional person)
  • 1 Grandparent/Child – $416 (add $100 per additional person)
  • Siblings – $100 per child

What You Need for DNA and Paternity Testing at Core Medical Center

Photo identification may be needed depending on the age of the patient. We advise all patients to bring in some form of photo identification for DNA and Paternity testing. We also ask that our patients provide social security numbers for everyone being tested.

What you will need for DNA and Paternity Testing:

  • Photo Identification
  • Social Security numbers are required on all people being tested

What to Expect for DNA and Paternity Testing

Kansas City DNA and Paternity Testing at Core Medical Center is a completely non-invasive procedure that typically involves obtaining a buccal swab of the patient being tested. A buccal swab is just a sample collected by a sterile cotton swab from the inside of the patient’s cheek. Often, a blood sample can also be used for paternity testing. Patients can expect that our technicians will take a photo of them, and fingerprint them at the time of testing.

If you need more information on Kansas City DNA and Paternity Testing services, call Core Medical Center at (816) 229-7561.