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Treating Osteoarthritis of the Knee the Core Medical Center WAY!

Do your or any one you know suffer from knee pain? Have you been told surgery is your next option?
If so, Core Medical Center may be able to treat your injury and restore function to the joint. Preventing YOU from having to go through surgery.
Osteoarthritis Relief Program for Knees

Whether you’re a marathon runner, trying to keep up with your kids, or just trying to do the basic activities of daily living, our knee restoration programs can be tailored to your very needs and goals. This treatment can prevent you from undergoing a painful surgery with a long recovery time and questionable outcome. Our goal is to improve your pain and increase your function to a level that gives you the freedom to enjoy the activities you want enjoy.

Core Medical Center has developed a comprehensive treatment for osteoarthritis of the knee. This treatment is designed for those suffering from the following:

  • Knee Pain
  • Knee Swelling
  • Damaged Tissue
  • Loss of Synovial Fluid (a natural lubricant in knee)
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Positional Deformities
  • Meniscus Injury

What causes knee pain and swelling?

We look at function to determine the cause and the proper course of treatment. Some causes can be:

  • Improper gate due to loss of flexibility and/or strength
  • Injury to the meniscus or other ligaments in the knee joint
  • Osteoarthritis due to years or improper gate and/or prior surgical repair that removed meniscus tissue allowing the knee to develop accelerated arthritic changes
  • Lack of synovial fluid which is the knees natural lubricant

How do you determine the source of knee injuries?

The most common cause of discomfort in the knee is due to the development of osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis develops over time due to the joints inability to function correctly, resulting in friction in the joint and eventual degeneration and osteoarthritis formation. The cause of the loss of function is determined by several variables.

What could cause a knee to lose function?

  • Direct injury to the knee joint and its internal structures through trauma
  • Improper gate functioning from postural defects, positional abnormalities, and compensation from muscle imbalances or other injuries

We understand that areas of the body can lose proper functioning resulting in the presentation of symptoms in other parts of our bodies. This understanding allows us to evaluate, examine and treat each patient at the source of their underlying injury.


How do we treat these abnormalities in gate and positioning?

We have found that to fully treat the knee and restore it to the maximum level that we need to use a combination of therapies:

After a thorough gate analysis and a review of recent diagnostic imaging (X-ray) we are able to determine what the needs are for our patients. Many of our programs contain several different elements of care.

We use offloading braces to adjust improper knee positioning. Knees typically tilt laterally or medially, this is called a varus or valgus deformity. Offloading helps facilitate healing by offsetting the malposition of the femur on the tibia, which can alleviate inflammation caused by the friction of the tibia rubbing against the femur. Inflammation is our body’s way of telling us something is injured, but this typically occurs much later than the actual loss of function that lead to the inflammation.

Knee-specific, physician-supervised physiotherapy is vital to restoring function. Muscles that are over-tightened on one side and weak on other compromises the stability of the knee, as well as disrupting proper gate, leading to mispositioning, which leads inflammation and degenerative changes. Couple this with being overweight and you now have a weight-bearing joint that wears out much faster.

Many clinics perform knee injections blindly. This prevents the Doctor from knowing if they hit their desired target. Other Offices us Ultrasound to image the knee during the injection but image quality is low and this can affect accuracy. Core Medical Center we use fluoroscopy guided injections in all our major joint injections. Fluoroscopy is a live x-ray that allows perfect placement of the injection. We use a contrast dye that lets us know we are on the mark with each injection. We also do a comprehensive study on the knee called an arthrogram. This gives us more information about the injury and improves accuracy of the injection. This level of accuracy is imperative when injecting visccosupplementation, PRP and stem cell. These substances require specific targets to work properly and if they are not administered with absolute certainty the best outcomes will not be reached. Fluoroscopy guidance is covered by most major insurance carriers.

Viscosupplementation is a pharmaceutical that is designed to mimic our synovial fluid that resides in our knee joint. As we age, the amount of fluid production can decrease resulting in increased friction on the meniscus. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is also in our bodies if makes up about 70% of synovial fluid and has a similar viscosity to synovial fluid. Hyaluronic acid is harvested from rooster combs and used to make this medication. This medication is used to create a protective barrier and restore the synovium’s ability to produce synovial fluid.

SUPARTZ® is the current medication we use at Core Medical Center. This therapy is an innovative treatment for knee osteoarthritis that uses a specialized and natural joint replacement fluid called hyaluronan to help you regain strength and enjoy increased range of motion.

PRP Therapy (Platelet-Rich Plasma) is comprised of powerful growth factors that provide enormous healing and regenerative benefits. When growth factors are introduced to an area that is acutely or chronically injured, our patients experience healing benefits that could not be obtained from traditional medicine. These growth factors provide more dramatic healing because they are actually a natural component of our blood.

These cells are harvested from the patient in a concentration that is 3-4 times greater when isolated correctly. So, when growth factors are injected into the area of injury, these cells work at a much greater capacity. The result is tissue healing that would not otherwise be possible. PRP used in combination with the other treatments is a very powerful approach, and while not covered by insurance, is very affordable. It is a little as $350 for a major joint.

Those wanting to take the knee restoration process to the next level can use stem cell therapy. Stem cells are obtained from either the patient’s own adipose tissue, bone marrow, or by donor cells from donated and test umbilical cords. Stem cells are cells that have not yet differentiated into a specific type of cell. So, stem cells can transform into any type of cell when placed in the right environment.

Core Medical Center uses a combination of these methods to offer one of the most extensive knee restoration programs available.

So, what are YOU waiting for? Make an appointment today and learn how Core Medical Center can help YOU take back your life!