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Are you experiencing symptoms of a joint injury?

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Joint Injections

Surgery Is Not the Answer

Often, surgery is used prematurely in the process of repairing joint injuries. In many cases, surgery is neither necessary nor ideal. Expensive surgeries can often require months for recovery and they are usually followed by the use of prescriptive drugs like narcotics, which bring multiple undesirable side effects, including the risk of addiction. In many cases, you can experience quicker relief and healing through natural methods.

We Can Help With…

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Bruising
  • Tenderness
  • Reduced range of motion
  • Weakness
  • Numbness

Joint injuries are common and result from either a single-event trauma or overuse that damages the ligaments. Ligaments are the “rubber bands” that hold the joints together. They are located on the sides and inside of your joints. A sprain occurs when ligaments stretch or tear. The severity of your injury varies depending on the damage to the ligaments surrounding your injured joint.

Why are they painful and slow to heal?

Ligaments have 2 unique qualities that make healing difficult:

1. Ligaments have a limited blood supply (avascular), which limits the ability of the tissues to replenish and repair.

2. Ligaments contain a dense number of nerve endings so when they are damaged there is extreme discomfort and pain.

You can avoid surgery with joint injections.

  • Core Medical Center in Blue Springs, MO offers an innovative treatment for joint injuries.
  • Specialized injections into the joint can improve the blood supply feeding ligaments and surrounding tissues.
  • The injections may contain medication, which will reduce inflammation and allow blood to flow into the ligaments and tissues.
  • As nutrients flood into the damaged area, the tissues are able to replenish and repair.

You could experience quick and complete healing with this noninvasive outpatient procedure. Our targeted injection will encourage the natural healing process, allowing you to avoid expensive surgery and the need for extended prescription pain relief. Core Medical Center providers will help you reach your full potential by providing care after the injection that will ensure proper rehabilitation of the healing joint. This will help prevent further injury and expedite the healing process.