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DOT Testing and Physicals

Core Medical Center is proud to offer Department of Transportation (DOT) testing services, including physicals, and individual and employer-based drug testing.
DOT Testing & Physicals

DOT Physicals at Core Medical Center

Our staff provides quick and efficient physical examinations with the most affordable prices in the Kansas City area. These physicals, required by law for operating certain types of vehicles, are regulated according to Department of Transportation regulations.

DOT Testing for Individuals

We offer a wide variety of individual DOT drug testing panels for those seeking employment within the Department of Transportation. These tests are performed at an affordable rate and with a hassle-free and convenient process. Individuals seeking DOT testing in the Kansas City area will find a convenient process at Core Medical Center located in Blue Springs, Missouri.

DOT Testing for Employers

We provide quick, reliable and affordable DOT Physicals as well as random drug testing in the Kansas City region. We are not affiliated with sleep clinics or any other conflicts of interest. We are a family own practice not a large franchised corporation. So you can count on a personal touch and that we evaulate drivers by the codes of DOT without the unnecessary hassles.

For any information on any DOT Testing service, please call our offices at (816)229-7561 to learn how we can help you.

Blue Springs Chiropractic Center is one of the few places in the Kansas City Metro to offer a CDL physical, also known as DOT Physicals, required by the state for operating certain types of vehicles. The staff at Blue Springs provides quick, efficient examinations with a DOT Certified Medical Examiner. Patients wanting to receive a DOT Physical can learn everything they need to know here, and then contact our office to schedule an appointment.

What to Bring to your DOT physical

  • Your current state-issued driver’s license,
  • Glasses, contacts or hearing aids (if applicable),
  • A list of all current medications you are taking,
  • Any special circumstances or exemption letters from your doctor.

What to expect

Patients arriving for a DOT Physical will complete paperwork from the Department of revenue, and will then be examined in vision and hearing tests. A Blue Springs DOT Certified Medical Examiner will then examine the areas listed on the DOT physical form. Patients should come well hydrated, as a urine specimen will be taken. Note – this is not for drug testing purposes. After the completion of the physical, a copy will be given to the patient and the employer. Patients passing the physical will be awarded a Medical Examiners Certificate for up to 2 years or less, depending on the physical results.

DOT pricing starts at $100. If a patient requires drug testing, we offer this test at an additional $55 when coupled with a DOT Physical.

Feel free to use the form below to schedule your appointment or call us at (816) 229-1941 to learn more about our DOT Physicals.

At Core Medical Center, we offer DOT mandated drug tests for those seeking individual test results. We believe our staff provides our patients the most efficient and affordable drug screenings in the Blue Springs and Kansas City area.

Individuals seeking drug testing will find that coming to Core Medical Center will help the process of drug testing and obtaining results as hassle-free as possible so that they may move on and find work that much faster.

We do our best to save you money and time. Individuals can find a wide variety of testing options, all highly regulated according to DOT standards.

Types of DOT Tests

While we provide an array of panels for individuals to choose from when completing their DOT testing, the most common test is a 5 panel test that is sent to a 3rd party lab partner. Patients come to us through employer contracts or on their own on an individual basis.

What to Expect

Patients should make an appointment for any DOT testing service as it requires all the proper paperwork to be completed beforehand. Our staff wants to make the process as streamlined as possible. Those choosing to do a DOT drug test may also choose to do DOT physicals at the same time as the drug test.

When the patient arrives at our facility, they will need to be well hydrated as a urine sample will be taken at the appointment. Once the specimen is collected and sent off to the lab, the results can be picked-up, faxed or emailed within 3-5 business days.

Prices for 5 panel DOT Testing for Individuals starts at $55. Patients choosing to do a drug screen and DOT physical at the same appointment time pay $155 for the combined services.

To make an appointment for DOT Testing for Individuals call (816) 229-1941, or complete the form at the bottom of the screen to contact us today.

DOT employers looking to drug test their employees can find a great partnership in Blue Springs Chiropractic Health Center, as we have provided reliable and affordable DOT testing to various companies in the Kansas City region.

At Core Medical Center, we know your time and money are valuable, so we do our best to make the drug testing process as efficient and affordable as possible. We provide a wide variety of tests to meet all of your company’s drug testing needs.

Core Medical Center provides competitively priced drug screens with the most professional level of care in order to ensure the most efficient and accurate results possible.

Types of DOT Tests

We provide an array of testing options, all highly regulated according to DOT standards.  The most common test used is a 5 panel test that we send to a 3rd party lab partner. We do pre-employment testing and random drug testing. For employers who require testing on a larger scale, Blue Springs also provides convenient on-site drug screening in the Kansas City and Blue Springs area. We can provide instant panels or collection services. Prices may vary based on location and size of pool.

What to Expect

Employers can inquire about possible DOT drug test screenings and prices, and how to establish proper appointments and arrivals for on-site testing, or testing at Blue Springs Chiropractic Health Center. Patients should be well-hydrated and prepared to give a urine sample when they arrive on site. Results can be picked up, faxed or emailed within 3-5 days after the specimen has been collected and sent in for testing.

To make an appointment for DOT Testing for Employers, call (816) 229-1941, or complete the form at the bottom of the screen.