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Regenerative Therapy can now help with aging and beauty in ways we never thought possible! See us at Core Medical Center to begin your Anti-Aging process!

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Anti-Aging Treatments

  • Regenerative Medicine Facelift (micro-needing and injections)
  • IV Regenerative Medicine Wellness Therapy (Coming SOON!)
  • Acne Treatment PRP and Regenerative Medicine (micro-needling)
  • Scar therapy PRP (micro-needling) using regenerative medicine and micro needling, scars can be reduced and in some cases eliminated
  • PRP bio fillers- (The PRP is warmed then rapidly cooled to form a gel that can be injected like a filler and have regenerative properties like PRP injections.)
  • PRP Hair Restoration Program
  • Regenerative Medicine Allograph with or with or without Hair Restoration Program
  • Regenerative Face Lift Program (Combination of bio fillers, PRP injections and micro-needling to meet your specific goals.)
  • Sexual Health Programs

  • Regenerative Medicine Male sexual health program – PRP or Regenerative Medicine injections to treat erectile dysfunction
  • Regenerative Medicine Female sexual Health program- PRP or Regenerative Medicine injections to treat loss of sensation and vaginal dryness.
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