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Choose a Natural, Non-invasive Treatment Option for Your Peripheral Neuropathy

You no longer have to live in pain or feel like your only treatment options are surgery or harmful medications. Whether your peripheral neuropathy is causing acute or chronic pain, there are proven, alternative care options available. At Core Medical Center our individualized treatment approach to neuropathy begins and ends with natural pain management treatments that focus on restoring function in addition to managing pain.

Comprehensive, individualized treatment for YOUR pain, due to one or many damaged nerves

Peripheral neuropathy treatment at Core Medical Center is an advanced, physics-based technology referred to as Electric Cell Signaling Treatment (ECST). This treatment system regenerates nerves damaged by peripheral neuropathy and restores their neural function. The medical device we use is called the RST-Sanexas neoGEN. It is the “original” and only electric cell-signaling device that was used in clinical research and is published in multiple medical journals proving its ability to regenerate nerves and reverse painful peripheral neuropathy.

The ECST delivers energy to the affected area of your body at varying wavelengths based on your individual needs. It also uses amplitude modulated (AM) and frequency modulated (FM) signaling to restore and repair the nerve-damaged areas.

You will find this treatment:

  • Normalizes pH
  • Improves hormone activity
  • Supports cell-to-cell communication for a stronger immune system
  • Repairs and regenerates cells for healing and pain reduction
  • Signs or Symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy

    If you are suffering from the following signs or symptoms, it’s time to call Core Medical Center. Combined with other therapies this treatment could drastically improve your quality of life and get you back to Living Your Best!

    Nerves impacted in your peripheral system:

  • Sensory nerves in the skin – temperature, pain, vibration or touch
  • Motor nerves – muscle movement
  • Autonomic nerves – blood pressure, heart rate, digestion and bladder
  • Signs and symptoms of peripheral neuropathy might include:

  • Gradual onset of numbness, prickling or tingling in your feet or hands, that may spread into your legs and arms
  • Sharp, jabbing, throbbing, freezing or burning pain
  • Extreme sensitivity to touch
  • Lack of coordination and falling
  • Muscle weakness or paralysis if motor nerves are affected
  • If autonomic nerves are affected, signs and symptoms might include:

  • Heat intolerance and altered sweating
  • Bowel, bladder or digestive problems
  • Changes in blood pressure, causing dizziness or lightheadedness
  • At Core Medical Center, you’ll receive top-notch pain relief and healthcare programs without unwanted side effects of surgery or prescription medications!

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