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Core Medical Center provides comprehensive pain relief solutions for back pain, neck pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, joint pain, migraine headache pain and more.

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At Core Medical Center, our goal is to restore your health instead of masking symptoms. We work to discover where your pain comes from so we can treat the underlying cause.

You will receive a customized treatment plan – Your customized treatment plan will aim to resolve your painful medical condition and restore your health. It will involve medical treatment of your injury or condition, including supportive services designed to improve your health and functioning so you can heal, recover, and prevent re-injury.

You will receive rehabilitative care – Your rehabilitation therapy takes place at Core Medical Center. With all the care we provide being under the same roof, our patients reap the benefits of convenience of one location and high-quality, comprehensive care by one, cohesive medical team that is familiar with your situation.

You will discover natural ways to manage pain – We offer alternatives to OTC painkillers and addictive prescription medications. Topical creams, manual therapy, and natural hormone injections are healthier for the body and more effective solutions to symptom relief.

At Core Medical Center, you’ll receive top-notch pain relief and healthcare programs without unwanted side effects of surgery or prescription medications! Call Today for Your Free Consultation! (816) 286-2963

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