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Treating Muscle Injuries Using Trigger Point Injection Therapy

Muscle pain can be relieved by locating and treating trigger points, which are sensitive areas or small knots that form in the myofascial tissue. Myofascial tissue is what covers your muscle and when a trigger point develops, it can cause a great deal of pain.

The most effective method for treating trigger points is trigger point injection. In fact, you will feel immediate relief upon receiving your first injection. Core Medical Center providers strategically select injection targets that are specific to your area of injury and then release the tension. This will allow the muscle tissue to relax, and then the area will gradually loosen and strengthen. As a result, you will feel less discomfort and have an increased range of motion.

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Trigger Point Injections Provide Immediate Pain Relief

Receiving trigger point injections is a safer alternative to taking prescribed oral medication. Muscle relaxers are often prescribed, but this solution is temporary and does not resolve the issue. Opiates only numb us to the pain and they have disastrous consequences when used habitually which can lead to more issues including addiction or possible further injury. We look beyond the symptoms to get to the core of your injury so we can permanently relieve your pain.

Facts about Trigger Points:

  • Trigger points can develop quickly or can come from an accumulation of injuries that have developed over time.
  • Trigger points may form after a series of repetitive traumas or repetitive movements. For example, working on an assembly line and performing the same task all day using the same side of the body can create trigger points, which can lead to muscle imbalance.
  • Trigger points can develop following periods of sedentary behavior, lack of exercise, poor posture, sleep disorders, and nutritional deficiencies.
  • Trigger points most commonly develop due to poor posture at the workplace, which typically comes from sitting in front of a computer.
  • The muscles affected by your trigger point may weaken, causing a ripple effect as your other muscles are forced to work harder to compensate. This causes the formation of trigger points and leads to muscle imbalance, which can have negative consequences on the joints they articulate.
  • Pain from your trigger point may radiate to nearby areas and result in a decreased range of motion due to either pain or loss of proper function.
  • Muscles in your neck, shoulders, and pelvic girdle can all be affected, making proper body posture difficult to maintain.
  • Trigger points can manifest as lower back pain, a decreased range of motion in your legs, tinnitus (a ringing in your ears), temporomandibular (jawbone) joint pain, and tension headaches.
  • Tigger points cannot be alleviated by massage
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