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Are You Spending More Than Half of Your Month Suffering From Debilitating Headaches or Migraines?

If you spend more than half of your month suffering from debilitating cluster or tension headaches or migraines, then you probably have a chronic condition. If you spend more than half of each month suffering in pain, then your everyday life has surely been affected a great deal. You may be losing time on the job. You may be forced to cancel plans unexpectedly, and you may be spending a lot of time in bed and in the dark.

At Core Medical Center we have an arsenal of treatments to treat the source of your migraines. To do that this starts with a comprehensive assessment to determine what the cause is and how best to treat it. We look at curvature in the cervical spine and the thoracic spine to see if they are altered and causing muscles in you neck and upper back to tighten and be used in ways they are not designed. There is loss of function in these areas then headaches are sure to follow.

We use several treatment modalities to treat the source so a patient’s results are permanent so long as they continue working on their exercises and stretches at home.

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Treatment Combinations

Some of the treatments may be used in combination.

  • Spinal postural screening identifies biomechanical alignments that can be targeted and in most cases corrected.
  • Trigger point injections provide immediate relief and relaxation of trigger points in almost any muscle in body.
  • Durable Medical Equipment provide enhanced results using bracing and supports to help you heal and to regain proper curvature to the braced in the spine.
  • Chiropractic care corrects alignment and mechanical problems.
  • Manual therapy offers hands-on healing for muscles and tissues.
  • Physiotherapy improves strength and increase functioning, range of motion and strength.
  • Decompression Therapy Improves injury to intervertebral disc cause by degeneration. Decompression allows nutrients to enter the disc by decreasing the pression on the disc.
  • We also combine some or all of these therapies with BOTOX injections to treat chronic migraines.

    See what BOTOX® injections will do for chronic migraine today!

    Many of our patients are rediscovering the life they once had before their chronic, painful headaches set in.

    At Core Medical Center, we want to help you control migraine and chronic tension headaches without any downtime or recovery and without the use of harmful daily medications. Our professional, friendly staff is licensed and certified in providing targeted BOTOX® injections for pain relief.

    The fact is that BOTOX® injections can prevent up to 9 headache days each month, and BOTOX® is the only FDA-approved, preventive injectable treatment to alleviate your chronic headaches.

    Get Relief From Headaches And Migraine

    Studies show that patients will typically see a noticeable difference after the 2nd treatment, and results can be enhanced when done congruently with a physiotherapy program.

    BOTOX® injections have been known to help with the following conditions.

  • Chronic Headaches
  • Tension Headaches
  • Migraine Headaches
  • Cluster Headaches
  • BOTOX® Treatment For Headaches Adults who suffer from chronic migraines can experience 15 or more headaches every month, each lasting 4 hours or more. BOTOX® has been a welcome relief to near-constant pain.

    BOTOX® injections are used worldwide for the relief of chronic headache pain, and it has been FDA approved for more than 10 years. BOTOX® injections are a non-surgical treatment that can be quickly administered in our office in just a few minutes. That means that you can come into our office for a scheduled treatment with out the fear of having to reschedule other plans or activities because of side effects or altered appearance.

    Why Seek BOTOX® Treatment For Your Headaches?

    Botox treatment for headaches is proven (since 2002), FDA approved and it gets fast results, it’s easy and does not require a daily medication that can cause multiple side effects.

    You deserve to be able to live your life headache free!

    Discover Migraine and Headache Pain Management without the Drugs. Call Us and Get Your FREE Consultation Today!

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