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As with many types of chiropractic injuries, knee pain can result from a variety of injuries or conditions. Even if the pain seems minor at first, it can get worse over time and hinder one’s daily functions. This is where we come in. Knee pain treatment involves a combination of treatment methods, physical rehab and medication in order to help the patient’s knee experience pain relief and heal.

Knee pain treatment is offered at Core Medical Center in Blue Springs. Along with our own treatment methods, Dr. Aston Goldsworthy, D.C., MSN, FNP-BC. may recommend at-home care techniques and lifestyle changes that can help to promote recovery. By seeking professional treatment, you can receive the specific and customized care your knee requires for healing.

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Customized knee pain treatment

Since no patient is exactly like another, we will customize the treatment to their individual needs. Store-bought treatment will only result in temporary relief. While resting the knee and applying ice can be beneficial for minor injuries, it will not be enough for more serious injuries. Benefits of our treatment include:

  • Customized treatment to meet patient’s specific needs
  • Helping the patient develop a healthier lifestyle to promote treatment
  • Prescribing medication that is more effective than store-bought solutions, when necessary
  • Therapeutic methods to help promote recovery
  • Provide treatment methods that help to reduce inflammation and swelling
  • Help patients maintain a steady pace toward recovery from a sports injury
  • Some people do not realize just how important the knee joint is. The knee connects the thigh bone and shin bone together while also containing tendons that connect the knee bone to leg muscles. This helps the knee to move and function normally. Damaging a specific area of the knee can result in varying levels of pain and difficulty with mobility.

    Seek early treatment

    Even serious knee injuries or conditions can start out mild before worsening over time. Patients may not realize the full extent of a knee injury right away. In the cases of minor injuries, there is potential for the condition to get worse if the patient continues to place strain on the knee and does not seek treatment. Symptoms and signs that a patient may need to seek knee pain treatment include:

  • Swelling, redness and stiffness in the knee
  • Regular popping or crunching noises in the knee
  • Being unable to fully straighten the knee
  • The inability to bear weight on the knee or the knee gives out
  • Having a fever along with pain and swelling in the knee
  • Visible deformity in the leg or knee
  • By seeking chiropractic treatment as early as possible after the accident, we will be able to help prevent the condition from getting worse and hindering the patient’s quality of life. Even if it seems the pain may be starting to go away, it is important to seek a professional evaluation. In many cases, pain in the knee is only the symptoms of a worse condition.

    Knee pain treatment

    In order to customize an individual patient’s knee pain treatment, we will need to review the patient’s medical history while also examining the functions of the knee the patient can complete. Various tests can include X-rays, checking for visible swelling and tenderness or measure the patient’s ability to move the leg in different directions. We may also apply various amounts of manual force on the knee in order to measure the integrity of its structure.

    Once we determine the extent of the damage and the source of the injury, we will customize the treatment to meet the patient’s needs. While we may prescribe medication, it will typically be in combination with other treatment methods. One way to help encourage recovery in the knee is to strengthen the muscles around the knee.

    We can recommend specific therapies and exercises the patient completes at home while also conducting physical rehab treatment sessions at our wellness center. We can also help patients who are physically active or on a sports team begin the healing process toward being able to participate in the sport again. We may also directly inject medication into the knee in order to reduce symptoms and improve mobility.

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    The type of treatment we choose will depend on the patient’s condition and the causing factor of the knee pain. If you or a loved one are struggling with knee pain, then it is important to call us today and schedule an appointment. We can help you receive the care you need for long-lasting management and relief.

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