One Patient’s Story About Her Chronic Migraines

My name is Penny Sloan and I have lived with chronic migraines for well over 10 years.

If I was lucky, I would get 3 days a month with no pain but they were NEVER back to back days. I went to all kinds of doctors. I tried all kinds of migraine treatments and medications. I was miserable most of my days. I had no hope of ever living a pain-free life.

Then my husband found Core Medical Center while at the Fall Festival in Blue Springs.

The lady at the booth tried to talk to me about the Botox treatments for migraines and I would have nothing to do with it. I was not about to get 31 shots in my head. After my husband’s first visit, for an unrelated reason, he came home and raved about the staff and his treatment at Core Medical Center. After a few days of hounding me and going on and on about how amazing they were there, I finally gave in and made an appointment to “talk” to them about the Botox treatments. I wasn’t sold on the idea yet but I had to see what all the fuss was about.

That day changed my life.

That day I found out what the fuss was about. No words could ever really express the staff at Core Medical Center. I could tell you they are amazing, caring, wonderful people who make you feel like family. All true but does not capture the kind of people they are. Combined with this amazing staff and the services they provided (Botox treatment, trigger injections, therapy, braces and chiropractic services), I finally have HOPE of one day living a pain-free life. After only the first Botox treatment, along with the other services mentioned above, I went 12 days straight with NO headache. I had not had that kind of relief in over a decade.

I felt this new found HOPE could not be repaid with monetary or insurance alone.

I wanted to express to the entire staff at Core Medical Center how much they mean to me. I wanted to let them know how they have touched and CHANGED my life. I truly believe God uses people to bring blessing to others and I feel He used Core Medical Center to bring me this HOPE.

I thought long and hard about how I could express my deepest gratitude.

Then it hit me. I love to design. That is a talent and gift God has blessed me with so why not use it to be a blessing to others, like they have been to me. So I started designing T-Shirt ideas because I know they pass out a shirt when patients graduate the program. I wanted a design that expressed who they are and what they offer. With permission from Dr. Pat, I used their logo and came up with the 4 designs you see here. I hope you all enjoy the designs.

I know you will walk away from Core Medical Center blessed regardless of your treatment or ailment.

These people are simply walking angels. I love them all and am so grateful God led me to them.

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