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You do not have to live with back pain.

Contact us today at (816) 229-7561 to schedule your FREE consultation. Our medical team will assess your specific needs and create a customized care plan. At Core Medical Center in Blue Springs, MO we do not just treat your symptoms, we get to the core of your injury to achieve permanent results.
Back Pain

“Core Medical Center really helped me eliminate lower back pain and severe knee pain. The employees at Core Medical always were welcoming and really motivating.  The rehab team worked very hard to ensure I was not in pain and getting the attention I needed during each stretch and exercise. I truly enjoyed each visit to Core Medical and I am really sad to leave.” — Alicia S.

Natural Nonsurgical Solutions For Treating Pain

At Core Medical Center, our goal is to restore your health without invasive surgery or expensive medications. Instead of masking the symptoms, we work to discover where your pain comes from so we can treat the underlying cause. Our medical staff has years of training, experience, and success in bringing lasting and real relief to our patients.

You will receive a customized treatment plan – Our medical staff has years of training, experience, and success in bringing lasting and real relief to our patients. Your customized treatment plan will aim to resolve your painful medical condition and restore your health. It will involve medical treatment of your injury or condition, including supportive services designed to improve your health and functioning so you can heal, recover, and prevent re-injury.

You will receive supportive care Your supportive care takes place at Core Medical Center. Being under the same roof provides added convenience for you and means high-quality, comprehensive care since you will consistently work with a experienced medical team that is familiar with your situation.

You will discover natural ways to manage pain We offer alternatives to OTC painkillers and addictive prescription medications. Topical creams, manual therapy, and natural hormone injections are healthier for the body and more effective solutions to symptom relief.

  • Topical creams, which are rubbed into the skin at the site of pain, can provide relief to sore, painful muscles and damaged tissues without affecting your entire system like ingested medications do. Topical creams treat only the injured area to which they are applied. This method of pain relief is much safer because oral medications, such as NSAIDS, can affect your stomach mucus causing ulcers and increase your risk of stroke or heart attack.
  • Using manual therapy and injections, we’ll heal your injury without using expensive, invasive surgeries with extensive (and painful) recovery periods.

Your treatment plan may include a synergy of services – Your program may contain a combination of the following successful methods of treating mid and low back pain:

  • Spinal postural screening identifies biomechanical alignments that can be targeted an in most cases corrected.
  • Trigger point injections provide immediate relief and relaxation of trigger points in almost any muscle in body.
  • Durable Medical Equipment provide enhanced results and high end bracing and supports to help your heal
  • Chiropractic care corrects alignment and mechanical problems.
  • Manual therapy offers hands-on healing for muscles and tissues.
  • Physiotherapy improve strength and increase functioning, range of motion and strength.

When these services are combined they provide a comprehensive level of care that is unmatched.